Khaligraph Jones’s Lwanda Magere Legacy Lyrics [English Translation]


Yoh! You see proper about now You bout to take it to the fundamental Coz rapping actually what it was We bout to carry it again nigga


Shout out to Vinc on the beat by the way in which Warrup Yeah now cjeck me out

Eey it’s the provider of the reality My ardour is previous to the loop And all I require I pursue Atleast the dragon of the velocity Fire within the sales space (Jones!)

And I used to be by no means hand — Started my very own shit with a pad And a pen within the stu’ God guided from the soar He was sending me truce I professional with it  We not making novice strikes

So I’m completely different I suppose I’m massive daddy king Bamboo, Doobie So I’m pissing on you foes And I’m cautious with the code

OG standing, Makaveli within the flesh Without the piercing on the nostril Rap now could be a circus of clowns Mumble rapping lean sipping suckers Looking method worse than they sound Rap niggas carrying purses round Ain’t no person take care of ability anymore Coz you should buy the crown

So all people kinging now? What a disgrace oh shit! And each rapper Be rapping about the identical outdated shit You a mama’s boy you ain’ no journey My typa lyricsm deeper than a footage On an anal clip

It’s Papa Jones nigga Who gained it for the Shaka Zulu My rap is voodoo Rappers gon’ have to return to google And search for clues coz you whack And you lack, what the mack and nguvu

Needs to must be spectacular You like a pack of noodles Coz when expose to the warmth that I spit You break

I’m again to fundamentals however I pray God That He hold you protected I bought the gang gang right here to roll Bang bang right here to blow

Shawties in my metropolis  Call me bam bam bingalow I’m worldwide  But please don’t get it twisted International markets for Africa by no means existed

It don’t matter  If you higher than Kendrick and Jcole It don’t matter  If you signed with the rock’s the J hoes

Oh you bought a billion streams You bought to be one of the best man Signing massive offers from Univesal or Def Jam But should you African You won’t ever blow within the States

And it’s intentional Coz these labels be understanding the stakes So they method you with a deal And guarantees they’ll’t ship

And gasoline you up and telling you How you the most popular spitter But thoughts you it’s a plot  To them you simply one other nigga So mainly you promoting your soul To the very best bidder

So it’s unhealthy shit loopy You ain’t heard of cat this wavy I’ve been on the map since 80’s and 90’s That means I’m legendary to the casket

It’s actually unhappy seeing  All these niggas getting catfished How you gon comply with a wave Man that is the form of ignorance That may have you ever falling in your grave

Fame in search of leeches all in my web page So these days I’d relatively hang around with my daughter And simply name it a day Wait humorous how life modified

When on the precise lane Ain’t alot of trade niggas  Up in my worth vary Ironically I don’t even like fame

So after I’m on the stage I’m positively handing out them ice change Humble and beneficiant  I don’t frown for the cameras

I’m signing all of your favorite rappers Coz they be amateurs My habit for cash  Started within the fifth grade

Told my instructor after I develop up I simply wanna receives a commission Fuck a 9 to five shifts  I’m barely sleeping on the greasy Moi Avenue, Luthuli I be creeping within the metropolis

Oh you bitching what a pity Me I’m completely different and I’m grasping I be chilling along with your bitch I bought my dick up in her titties

So what you doing I performed did it already You niggas are petty That’s why you may’t evaluate to this pregin Now wave a machette  Coz you attempting to belittle my credit score A dream chaser  If I would like it finest consider I’mma get it

I thank God for this function King monitoring the code And they’ll’t fuck with the goat Came again with the circulate

It’s like king monitoring the code Banged up within the range Yeah we rocking it  But this ain’t no rattling dashing the hoes

Yeah I took over the West Not breaking a sweat Nigeria made me a vet Now I’m raiding the West

South Africa child you subsequent I be ready to flex I’m about to drag up in Jozi Steady able to take

I performed had a dialog With some niggas from the South Motherf’cks wanna act like they  Don’t know what I’m about

If you don know who I be  Then you silly no doubt Niggas in Sierra Leone  Keep my identify outta your mouth


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