The Queen’s birthday can also be National Tea Day and it’s essentially the most British factor


It’s April twenty first, which is an important date inside the British calendar for two iconic causes.

First, it’s the Queen’s birthday. Happy Birthday Lizzie! The monarch turns 96 presently and is spending it at Sandringham, which is the place her late husband the Duke of Edinburgh spent most of his retirement.

A model new image was launched to mark the occasion which reveals the Queen standing subsequent to 2 of her white horses. Taken closing month at Windsor Castle, the snap is totally cute.

Now, onto the second massive event. It’s moreover National Tea Day! Today, people up and down the nation have enjoyable the notorious beverage which is in model amongst Brits.

Wait a minute… do the Queen’s birthday and National Tea Day really fall on the equivalent day? Two of essentially the most quintessentially British points? Yes, and it’s not a coincidence…

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The Queen was born in 1926

Obviously, the Queen’s birthday received right here first and National Tea Day was then chosen to be honoured on the monarch’s birthday a couple of years later.

Elizabeth was born in on April twenty first 1926 in Mayfair by way of the reign of her grandfather King George V. Her father, the Duke of York, then turned king a decade later in December 1936 after his brother’s abdication.

Lizzie was delivered by c-section at her grandfather’s London House on Bruton Street in Mayfair and baptised inside the personal chapel of Buckingham Palace merely over a month later.

Now, that’s adequate with reference to the Queen’s birthday. Let’s uncover the origins of National Tea Day.

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National Tea Day started in 2016

It’s not solely a weird coincidence that the 2 most British points to ever exist, the Queen and tea, are honoured on the equivalent day.

National Tea Day was established in 2016 on Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday and was notably chosen to be celebrated on Lizzie’s day of birthdate. Could April twenty first get any further British?

It’s unclear who really started National Tea Day, nonetheless over the earlier six years, it’s shortly prove to be in model on social media as Brits have enjoyable their love for the new beverage with memes, quotes and pictures.

English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Peppermint Tea, Darjeeling Tea. Oh, and we’re capable of’t overlook Afternoon Tea, essentially the most iconic British pastime. English people merely love tea!

In actuality, in accordance with the UK Tea & Infusions Association, the UK drinks roughly 100 million cups per day, which is type of 36 billion per yr. That’s a lot of tea. No shock the UK wished a National Tea Day!

How tea turned in model in Britain

Everyone is conscious of that tea received right here from China, so how did it end up being Britain’s favourite drink?

Well, as reported by BBC Bitesize, Dutch retailers started bringing tea to Europe inside the 1600s and it began being served in London’s high-end espresso houses inside the 1650s.

However, it’s the partner of King Charles II, Catherine of Braganza, who’s credited with starting the tea craze. Before marrying the king in 1662, she requested for a cup of tea, nonetheless there wasn’t any accessible.

Tea was already in model amongst the aristocracy in Portugal, the place she was from, but it surely certainly wasn’t very out there in Britain however. So, Catherine modified that and purchased some shipped over.

And leisure is historic previous! The East India Company began to import tea to Britain and it shortly turned the nation’s hottest drink, although it was solely the rich and wealthy who could drink it for a really very very long time.

The Queen’s birthday can also be National Tea Day and it’s essentially the most British factor.For More Article Visit Oloyweb

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